Rumor has it, he was born sometime in the mid-eighties in Glendale, AZ. a son of 2 immigrants from Mexico, they put him up for adoption, and he was raised by coyotes. No wonder right? yeah since a child, he was always fascinated by art, being different & hustling. You cant be in downtown phoenix without hearing about “SAD BOY”. From his years in the fashion game, and music industry, owning a world-famous ice cream shop, a barista or he’s someone you know ex’s-bf…and now he’s been taking his talent to tattooing and owning a tattoo studio in downtown phoenix. 

You can say his tattoo style is different and definitely stands out, from his fine line work, ignorant style & Suminagashi and Abstract inspired creations. Sad Boy loves to create not just art, but an overall experience when you sit in his chair.